Monday, August 1, 2011

How to fix a MKV bug file format or MKV file corrupt

Currently, there are many programs to help fix the video files formats as, avi, wmv ..
However., With high quality video format mkv is commonly used today, you will hardly find a repair programs for mkv video format.
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For an experienced user i found this useful tip for you , Meteorite  is a program of exceptional free source sourceforge .
Usage is very simple, after downloading to your computer ,you will unpacked this RAR files and then run the Meteorite.exe file to executing their program without having to installing.

Meteorite, or Project Meteorite, is a piece of software that aims to be what DivFix++ was for AVI files, a simple utility that scans through a video file and searches for problems it can correct. For now it is quite limited and has limited abilities. 

What kind of problems: bugs or corrupted?
As indicated above, MKV files aren't as easily "fixed" as AVI files or MPEG files are. For example, if your problem is an audio sync issue, then your best bet is to simply correct that during playback with Media Player Classic or a similar solution. However, if you actually have a playback problem then the fault may be with a bad MKV container and then perhaps Meteorite will fix that during processing.
Run Meteorite. At this stage, the tool is somewhat limited but it may still be able to fix a common MKV problem or two and rebuild it for you. It works by having you simply drag and drop and file with your mouse into it. 

  • Drag the MKV file from its folder and drop it right over the application and it will begin its process immediately.

Meteorite Processing
The software will now scan through the MKV and create a new file in the same directory with the word "Meteorite" added to the start of the file name. This new file will be rebuilt and hopefully any errors that were causing playback issued before can be resolved now. The program does not provide an estimated time remaining but it depends on the size of your MKV file. For large multi-gigabyte downloads this might take a long time to complete.

Success ease?
Meteorite doesn't prompt you to indicate whether it has been successful or not. However, if you check the folder that contained your original MKV file you should now have another file in there with the same filename except the word "Meteorite" has been added. Check the new file and hopefully you will get better results trying to play it.

For now that is about all you can do easily with MKV files to help fight against a problem. Other solutions could involve extracting streams from an MKV file and rebuilding an MKV completely yourself. This guide will be updated in the near future with such suggestions, and hopefully Meteorite will have progressed a bit by then. 

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