Friday, April 1, 2011

Download free software to secured your laptop 2011

Download Lasec software on Beyond-bloggers .

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Free software for secured your Laptop,download now!

Laptop Securer
Lapsec pretends to become a solution able to harden a Windows operating system in a very easy way, automating tasks that in other way could become complex and difficult for an administrator or an user worried about computer security.
The program tries to be as simple as possible. There is only one screen and two options to choose. "Am I secure?" allows checking which of the options that the program checks are active in the running system. It will tick the running ones. "Secure me" applies the checked changes to the system.
To know about the options that the system has enabled, press the "am I secure?" button that will display the options enabled in the system.
  • How to check security on the system (Am I secure?)
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