Friday, May 28, 2010

The newest Digg version v.4 ,publisher preview

First look to Digg version v.4 ,publisher preview video

Earlier today, Matt Van Horn of Digg sent around an email with a private YouTube link to publishers and other influential folk Digg wants to show the redesign to. If Digg really wanted this email to remain quiet, which is a big if, it was a huge blunder to send it to a bunch of journalists with no formal embargo. Of course, it was promptly published by TechCrunch and several other publications (and now, us).

So what's new? Most of this stuff was already known--former Digg CEO Jay Adelson spoke with us a few months ago and laid out the philosophical changes in Digg version 4. It's less a public aggregator and more a personal tracker: you'll have to follow friends from other social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and/or use the suggestions of experts Digg suggests, instead of just browsing popular stories. The new front page is totally personalized, showing stories recently dugg by friends--there will be a section for the ridiculously popular stories elsewhere on Digg, but it'll be sequestered to a smaller area.

Digging will thus work more like retweeting than traditional Diggs. You'll digg a story, it'll show up on your friends' pages, they'll digg it, it'll show up on their friends' pages, and so forth. It's a much different system, but should definitely work in the favor of both smaller publishers (who only need a few diggs to get started). It should also spread out the traffic--in the old Digg, only a few stories (maybe a hundred per day) get any added traffic at all. This way, more stories can spread to more people.

Other changes are considerably more minor but welcome, like a simplified way to submit stories (paste a URL and everything else is automatically generated) and the ability to auto-publish via RSS. Publishers, by the way, can set up a new account here.

Each digg will have the name of the person who dugg it underneath, and if more than one person on your friends list has dugg that story, it'll show the number of people and the icon of the person who dugg it most recently.

Digg is painting this new system as an advantage over other networks like Facebook and Twitter since it lacks the status updates and other miscellany those networks have--Digg is still all about sharing links. Will that attract new users outside the Digg universe? We'll have to see once it officially launches.

(Via First Look: Digg Version 4 by Dan Nosowitz)
Publisher Preview video .

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't need Adobe Photoshop software but easy view PSD files and get compare it. with free tools

Open and view PSD files without installing Adobe Photoshop software.

Being a premium software, buying and installing Adobe Photoshop just to preview PSD Photoshop is not a wise decision
So, Is there way to open and view PSD files without installing Adobe Photoshop software? You can use free third party utilities to easily preview Photoshop files. 
Simple PSD is a dead simple portable tool to open and and preview PSD Photoshop images.

SimplePSD free Photoshop file viewer
  1. Download Simple PSD program. Then unzip and double click “TestPSD” file to use the program.
  2. Click “Open” button and select PSD Photoshop file on the computer.
  3. Program will show preview of PSD file in top window. It also show technical details of specific PSD file including: image width, image height, bits per pixel, resolution and compression.
Besides previewing single PSD file, there is also tool to compare PSD Photoshop files.

Compare PSD photoshop files, free comparison tool.

Viewing a Photoshop PSD files with lot of layers of effects is not easy routine. Doing the same task for multiple PSD files is even more time consuming and effort draining. If you are an active Photoshop users, then make life easy comparing 2 PSD files using free utility ComparePSD.

Layer by Layer comparison of 2 PSD files
  1. Download PSD Compare ; install it on your Windows PC.
  2. Launch the program ; click ‘File‘ menu option.
  3. Click ‘Select Left File’ to load PSD in left viewer pane, then click ‘Select Right File’ to another PSD in right viewer pane.
  4. Then start your layer by layer comparison of 2 PSD files with ease (without even need of Photoshop software).
It show detailed layer styles, effect and other sytle attribtues including visible flags of layers. Grab this tool, if you often create and work on PSD designs!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why don't try using Android 2.2 but install on a PC ,for mobile apps knowledge.


Today I’ve been trying out the new Android FroYo OS, and guess what? It’s delicious. Almost as tasty as an Apple, in fact. Standout features of the new Google Mobile OS include a much faster web browser with support for Flash 10.1, performance enhancements, and an beefed-up Android Market.


As you’ll see from the video above, Android 2.2 makes some significant changes over the previous version. But don’t just take Google’s word for it. Why not try out the new operating system yourself on your PC? All you need to do is download the Android SDK and follow this process:
  1. Unzip the downloaded file and launch the SDK Setup executable. Highlight the Available Packages option in the left-hand column and expand the list within Sties, Packages and Archives. Check the option to install SDK Platform Android 2.2, API 8, revision 1. Now click Install Selected. 
  2. After the package has finished downloading, go to the Virtual Devices option and click on the New button. Enter a name for your virtual device and choose the Android 2.2 package from the Target drop-down list. Now click on the Create AVD button.
  3. Your new virtual Android device, running 2.2 will be now shown in the main Virtual Devices panel. Highlight it, and click on Start to launch the new operating system in emulation mode.
  4. It might take a few minutes to start the virtual device, but it’s worth the wait. You’ll get to try out the new helper, which explains how to get around the OS; take a peek at the new Car Mode; integrate your own email using the new Exchange settings, and even try and access Flash content in the web browser.
Not all of the new features of Android 2.2 can be tested, of course. You won’t get an idea of the speed of the new browser, for instance; and the Market isn’t accessible through the virtual device. However, it’s worth checking out while we wait to see the OS actually running on a device.

Preparing Your Development Computer.

Before getting started with the Android SDK, take a moment to confirm that your development computer meets the System Requirements. In particular, you may need to install the JDK before continuing, if it's not already installed on your computer.

If you will be developing in Eclipse with the Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin — the recommended path if you are new to Android — make sure that you have a suitable version of Eclipse installed on your computer (3.4 or newer is recommended). If you need to install Eclipse, you can download it from this location:

A Java or RCP version of Eclipse is recommended. For Eclipse 3.5, the "Eclipse Classic" version is recommended.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

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